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Directorial Team

We hire a director and stage manager for every performance. Join us in one of these roles and help lead our wonderful group through a production! Come lead our group through the production process from auditions to curtain call! The director and stage manager lead the creative and production teams, setting the stage for success for the whole cast and crew. 


Casting Policy

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The Society is dedicated to the safety, security, and enjoyment of theatre for all of its members, and it denounces sexual harassment as directly threatening to those values.  Any such harassment, either by or of Society members, shall be addressed in accordance with GULC sexual harassment policies and any applicable Society bylaws. In membership and hiring, the Society does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, religion, or national/ethnic origin.

Casting decisions are committed to the discretion of the directors, subject to the following policies:

For each Society production, prior to auditions, the Board shall designate a list of “lead roles” from among the show’s cast of characters.  Such designated roles may only be awarded to active Society members or current GULC students, faculty, or staff.  Furthermore, at least one-half of the designated roles must be awarded to current GULC students.  (In the event that the Board designates an odd number of roles, the total number of student leads must exceed the total number of non-student leads; e.g., if there are 11 designated leads, at last 6 must be played by students.)

For each musical theatrical work produced under Article II, Section 1, Part A or Part B, all active Society members and current GULC students, faculty, and staff who audition shall be cast in a chorus role, at minimum, subject to the casting requirements of the production.  Should the number of auditioning active Society members and current students, faculty, and staff exceed the production’s capacity, such persons shall compete against one another for the available parts.  

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