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GGSS is a robust community that offers community, networking, and blissful escape from the responsibilities of daily life (ranging from your legal education to your legal career to anything else). Whether you're interested in being on stage or behind the curtain, GGSS has opportunities to get involved. Check out some ways you can be a part of the show below.
Why join?


We suspect this is why you're really interested! GGSS holds a party every Friday night after rehearsal. In non-Covid years, we have also had parties after every show during production week: Wednesday at the Billy Goat Tavern, Thursday is hosted by a GGSS member, Friday is a formal party, and Saturday is an end of show potluck where we thank everyone involved in the show with special traditions. (Fear not, last year we held parties too-- on Zoom! The very best kind during a pandemic year.)

Everyone is invited to every party! All parties are hosted by members of the cast, crew, board, and alumni. For party information or to offer to host, e-mail


We love our alumni! And they love us. Our performances never fail to draw in our old friends and classmates as fellow actors, stagehands, audience members, and more! Rest assured, with GGSS you won't only be bonding with your fellow classmates, but our beloved alumni and community members as well. For more information about our alumni network, email

The audition process


GGSS shows are cast through a traditional audition process.  Auditions are open to Georgetown Law students, faculty, staff, alumni, and to any interested members of the community at large.  Although directors are given wide latitude as to how to conduct auditions, they must select their cast in accordance with a number of policies. 

  • Prior to auditions, the Board will designate a list of “lead” roles for a given show.  These roles must be cast as follows:

    • No one may be cast in a designated role without going through the formal audition process.

    • At least half of the designated roles must be given to current Georgetown Law students.

    • The remaining designated roles may be freely awarded to current Georgetown Law students, faculty, and staff.  They may also be freely awarded to any “active member” of the group. The Board can guide you through the process by indicating who is eligible.

  • Everyone who auditions for a musical or operetta production must be offered, at minimum, a part in the chorus/ensemble, to the extent that such parts are available.

  • The Board may dictate additional requirements on a show-by-show basis—for example, that certain roles must be cross-cast. Directors are expected to cast the show in accordance with any such limitations.


Please understand that these rules are necessary to achieve our group’s institutional priorities and to adhere to Georgetown University Law Center administration policies, thereby guaranteeing our eligibility to use GULC facilities and apply for funding as a student organization.


Directors are hired for the run of the show and are required to sign a contract with Georgetown University Law Center. They are expected to attend production meetings, help conduct auditions, support the creation of a rehearsal schedule, and partner with the stage manager in running reasonable, organized, and efficient rehearsals. Music directors are generally expected to oversee the music-side of rehearsals, work with performers on improvement, and oversee the recruitment of a band/ensemble with the help of the Board. All directors are also expected to remain within set rehearsal schedules. Directors may be compensated in a flat, lump-sum payment, which is determined prior to hiring. 

Directors are expected to abide by the guidelines laid out in our Constitution and bylaws. Please review these policies before applying for a position with GGSS, and if you do not feel you can abide by these guidelines, please do not apply to be a director. 

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